IN COURT: Wulf River Von Der Decken faced Dalby Magistrates Court on September 13.
IN COURT: Wulf River Von Der Decken faced Dalby Magistrates Court on September 13.

Man’s anti-government outburst at Maranoa MP’s office

A MAN who told a federal minister's office "we will f---ing level Canberra" during an expletive ridden rant in Dalby blamed the Australian government's handling of agriculture for his outburst.

Wulf River Von Der Decken represented himself in Dalby Magistrates Court on October 14 armed with a manifesto to justify his public nuisance charge and weapons act offences.

The court heard workers at Maranoa MP David Littleproud's office had activated the duress alarm about 9am on September 1, after Von Der Decken's displayed "offensive, disorderly and threatening behaviour" in the public foyer of the building.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said Von Der Decken was spotted outside the office earlier in the morning, where he was seen placing anti-government flyers.

Maranoa MP David Littleproud’s office on Cunningham St, Dalby.
Maranoa MP David Littleproud’s office on Cunningham St, Dalby.

The flyer read "we have consensus to remove government", the court heard.

"When the defendant left the facility office, staff have promptly removed the flyer from the building," senior constable Tahana said.

"This action had been noticed by the defendant who had entered the public foyer of the office infuriated."

Von Der Decken then began shouting at staff in an "aggressive" manner and at times used threatening language.

The court heard some of Von Der Decken's ravings, which included "did you remove this notice, I am saving your f---ing lives", "is that understood, you're victims of Marxist s--t", and "yes we should've stood up to it, but we f---ing didn't, but we are now".

The court heard Von Der Decken's rantings continued for four minutes, with the defendant telling staff "how dare you, you little piece of s--t, I am warning you that the people of Dalby will f---ing tear you to f---ing shreds mate", and "we have the green light, and we will f---ing level Canberra".

Senior constable Tahana said in conjunction with this verbal barrage, Von Der Decken was at times lifting and dropping his hands in a threatening manner which frightened staff.

"Police have attended that Cunningham St address where they spoke with the witness and confirmed the identity of the defendant from the footage stills provided," she said.

"They've attended the defendant's home address and found him there … and at 10.20am the defendant was arrested for the offence of public nuisance."

He was later given a notice to appear.

Dalby Magistrates Court.
Dalby Magistrates Court.

The court heard of the weapons act offences on September 3, where police attended Von Der Decken's address in relation to the suspension of his weapon's licence.

Senior constable Tahana said police entered his home where they found a rifle, two shotguns, and ammunition which were stored incorrectly, and he was given a notice to appear.

In his submissions to the court, Von Der Decken spoke at great length about the politics surrounding the agricultural industry, involving the Murray Darling Basin, MP David Littleproud, senator Pauline Hanson, MP Barnaby Joyce, and former Australian Police commissioner Mick Keelty.

He showed several photographs to the court about the wheat and rice industry in Australia, implying these issues explained his outburst at the federal politician's local office.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told the defendant the purpose of his submissions was to talk about himself, and not his views.

Von Der Decken pleaded guilty and was fined $400 for the public nuisance charge, and one $500 fine for both weapons charges.

No convictions were recorded.