RED RAIN: The dust storm between Dalby and Chinchilla - January 2020. Pic: Jodie Williams
RED RAIN: The dust storm between Dalby and Chinchilla - January 2020. Pic: Jodie Williams

Massive dust storm warning for Western Downs

STRONG winds forecast for next week are likely to bring devastating amounts of dust sweeping across the Western Downs.

Higgins Storm Chasing said in a Facebook warning to their 880,000 plus followers that strong winds sweeping through Queensland on Thursday are likely to case a large dust storm next week, April 30.

"A very strong cold front is forecast to sweep across South East Australia on Wednesday and Thursday next week," the warning read.

"This front is expected to contain very strong cold South to South West winds of 60-80km hr.

"Dust is very likely to be picked up by these winds across inland SA and inland NSW during Wednesday, before pushing North and East on Thursday across NSW into the NT and QLD."

Pic: Higgings Storm Chasing via Windy
Pic: Higgings Storm Chasing via Windy

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rosa Hoff said forecast rain could help keep dust levels down, also that once the South Australian winds hit Queensland it will no longer be a cold front - just strong winds.

"There is a possibility for raised dust in south west Queensland on Thursday, it's more likely in the Channel Country further south west, and possible into the Maranoa and Warrego region," forecaster Rosa Hoff said.

"There will be a trough coming in on Wednesday which will have stronger winds coming from South Australia off the cold front.

"We're likely to have showers ahead of the trough… and see the rain moving through before the dust which could keep it down, it just depends on where the rain falls."

Rosa Hoff said we are unlikely to see red rain, which Chinchilla experienced in January, Saturday the 11th, as the rain is forecast to fall ahead of the strong winds.