DISAPPOINTED: Mayor slams increasing youth vandalism following cricket field damage.
DISAPPOINTED: Mayor slams increasing youth vandalism following cricket field damage.

Mayor slams ‘senseless destruction’ at sporting field

VANDALS have targeted a Goondiwindi sporting field in what Mayor Lawrence Springborg has condemned as “senseless destruction”.

On September 5, the Riddles Oval complex was allegedly vandalised by juveniles, who kicked in the cricket’s field fence, broke multiple panels and covered the field in toilet paper.

Cr Springborg said he was ‘disappointed’ by the offending.

“I will say that the senseless destruction of public property that took place was an insult to the immense amount of work and care put into those grounds by their clubs and the surrounding community,” he said.

“I must also add that it was an insult to the members of council’s parks and gardens team who dedicate countless hours to the maintenance and beautification of the many sporting ovals and other community assets across the region.

“They take great pride in providing safe, clean, green spaces for everyone in our community to enjoy.”

While Goondiwindi police were dealing with the underage offenders and working to better protect public assets in the future, Mayor Springborg said the damage didn’t come without costly ramifications.

“Already this financial year, vandalism in our region’s parks and gardens alone has cost our ratepayers more than $9000, greater than the total for the whole of 2019-20,” he said.

“The Queensland Police Service has been swift to respond to the rare incidents of anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism in our region. But the role of the police in these kinds of incidents can be limited – especially when dealing with youth.

“Juvenile offenders are given special consideration by our laws and our courts, sometimes for good reason, as a second chance can make a big difference at that age.

“But it should not make individuals immune from accountability and responsibility for continued transgressions, and it should not absolve their parents, guardians or mentors from a degree of responsibility and oversight.”

A police spokeswoman said the juveniles believed to be responsible for the vandalism had been located and were being dealt with by police.


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