Troy Anderson pleaded guilty to five charges in Maroochydore Magistrates Court.
Troy Anderson pleaded guilty to five charges in Maroochydore Magistrates Court.

Meth user’s ‘memory lapses’ when caught with fake ID at bank

A man whose memory suddenly lapsed when he was caught out using someone else's ID at a Sunshine Coast bank has pleaded guilty to stealing, a court heard.

Police prosecutor Leonie Scott told Maroochydore Magistrates Court on July 9 Troy Anderson had claimed he was "hit in the face" when staff members at Bank of Queensland questioned him over his false ID.

"The defendant told the staff member he had been hit in the face, just got out of hospital and had a memory lapse and that he would come back when he remembered," Sergeant Scott said.

Anderson pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs and stealing via video link.

The court heard the ID owner, Troy Adam Jones, had lost his wallet, containing his bank card and drivers licence, at Kawana shopping centre in September 2018.

"On February 4, 2020 police were called to speak to the Bank of Queensland staff at Nambour in relation to a male that had presented to the bank, and asked for bank statements, producing a drivers licence of Troy Adam Jones," Sgt Scott said.

"As the defendant did not look like the person on the licence, to confirm his identity the staff member asked him to tell them his mother's maiden name which he couldn't."

The court heard the staff member then asked for the current address of the customer.

But Anderson gave the old address among with other incorrect information.

The court heard the ID owner was called and told the bank he had reported the identification stolen in 2018.

Anderson was arrested on February 5.

The court heard he was living with a woman after being released from prison in August 2019 and that's where he had found the cards.

He told police he wanted the false identification to sign up for a mobile phone plan.

The court also heard police were called to Nambour Coles, where they arrested Anderson for another incident, at 8.45am on December 21.

Back at the police station, officers found two clip seal bags with meth inside.

Anderson's lawyer, Jacob Pruden, acknowledged in court his client's offences were aggravated as he committed them while on parole.

"He has a plan on release, whenever that may be. He said he really wants to give it a proper go and do the right thing this time," he said.

"He knows he needs to stay away from using drugs and old associates."

The court heard Anderson had been in custody for three months for other offences.

Magistrate Rod Madsen said he needed to take into account Anderson's criminal history, which included persistent drug offending.

He fined Anderson $800.