CENTENARY: The second largest number of participants took park in the ‘ 100th parkrun 2on Saturday.
CENTENARY: The second largest number of participants took park in the ‘ 100th parkrun 2on Saturday.

Miles parkrun reaches the 100 run milestone

DRIVING over the bridge on the other side of Miles, looking down at Moraby Park all you could see was this sea of pink and it was a wonderful site.

On Saturday, October 26 Miles parkrun combined their pink parkrun as part of the Miles Pink Up Your Down initiative and their 100th parkrun.

With 72 people running, jogging and walking the 5km course, this was the second biggest turn out they’ve had since their first ever parkrun where 73 people took to the course.

The park run director Kerryn Rabone started the process back in February 2017, she was looking to create and participant in an environment where people could exercise with support and the company of others without judgment.

The course was then accessed and seven months later it was approved.

However, before they could officially launch, $5000 had to be raised.

“This came in the form of a grant through the Commonwealth Games Legacy Program,” she said.

Since then they have held a parkrun event every single Saturday, rain, hail or shine.

“The key to having kept it going has been consistency,” Rabone said.

“We’ve only cancelled two parkrun events since it’s inception and that has been due to extreme weather posing a risk to our participants on the course.”

Although experiencing great success wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the contribution of all the volunteers.

Each week we have a set of five core volunteers making the event possible.

“We have built up a great volunteer community whereby we very seldom to have to put out requests to fill positions because people just put themselves down on the future roster,” Rabone said.

“We are also very lucky to have some diehard parkrunners who show up to participate whether it’s 38 degrees or negative two degrees.”

On November 23, the parkrun will also be celebrating their second birthday as they are turning two, the theme for the event will be ‘tutu’.