POLOCROSSE TALENT: Aaron Mullins riding his mare, Minuette (aka Minnie), at the Queensland Polocrosse Club Championships in Chinchilla during 2017.
POLOCROSSE TALENT: Aaron Mullins riding his mare, Minuette (aka Minnie), at the Queensland Polocrosse Club Championships in Chinchilla during 2017. MCInally Photography

Miles polocrosse star shines bright

POLOCROSSE: Young polocrosse player Aaron Mullins, from Miles, has only been playing for four years but already reached the top ranks of the state level players.

Mullins, 20, was selected as the captain of the Queensland under 21 men's team to compete at the polocrosse nationals competition in Perth in October.

Mullins said this year was going well for him and he was excited to be selected as the captain for the Queensland team.

"It it will be a good challenge I suppose and hopefully we can win,” he said.

Mullins started playing polocrosse as he wanted to do something different.

"I used to play rugby league and just had a rough year getting hurt and then I thought I might try something different,” he said.

"I rode (horses) up until I was eight years old and then I had an accident and I didn't ride until I was 15 years.”

Mullins had to learn the game of polocrosse, learn how to use the racquet, but more importantly he had to learn how to ride a horse.

Mullins said it was a big family sport for him and his family and he enjoyed the social aspect the most.

"The social bit is one of the best things,” he said.

"You make lifelong friends, while you get to play something you love.”

Mullins was also chosen as the captain of the Queensland U21 men's team which will compete at the Barastoc Tri-State Series in Warwick in May.

He was captain of the Leichhardt zone U21 men's team which won both the Queensland and News South Wales zone titles in 2017.

Mullins was selected as the best U21 men's player of the competition at the Queensland zone titles this year.

He has been a member of the Chinchilla No1 polocrosse team (A-grade) for the past two years and was awarded best A-grade player twice.

Mullins said his dad taught him most skills when he first started.

"It isn't just you, it is your horse too,” he said.

"Most people are more satisfied when their horse goes better than they do.

"You have to have horses going all the time, like fit and ready and just, if you practise more, you get sharper and sharper every time.

"It is a mix of playing games and practising in order to gain skills.”

Mullins improved all facets of his game through hard work, dedication and willingness to listen and learn from others.

He has travelled to New Zealand for the past three years in order to have an opportunity to play polocrosse during the Australian off-season.

In New Zealand he rode a variety of horses, with varying abilities and took the opportunity to learn different skills and game tactics from some of the top New Zealand players.

While in New Zealand, Mullins was a member of the NZ Northlands U21 team, which competed at the annual colts (U21) and juniors competition.

In 2016 Mullins captained his team, which competed in a Test series against the USA, winning the series convincingly.

Mullins will head to New Zealand in January to compete again for the NZ Northlands U21 team.