ISOLATION: The Miles saints weightlifters have had to adapt the way they train during the coronavirus.
ISOLATION: The Miles saints weightlifters have had to adapt the way they train during the coronavirus.

Miles weightlifters keep lifting through isolation

NOT having stepped foot into a gym since March this year, Miles weightlifters are counting down the days until they can return to the gym for training.

With Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s announcement last week outlining the road to reopening Queensland, Saints Weightlifting coach Sonia Stenhouse says her athletes have a less than a four-week wait.

She said the gym will open during stage two restrictions which are scheduled to start on June 12.

“We are still waiting to find out exactly what the rules of spacing and hygiene will be and I think there is a cap on 20 people,” Stenhouse said.

“We have a bit of work to do as far as moving equipment around in the gym so that it’s spaced out.

“People in town are getting itchy feet so they will all be glad to get back into some routine.”

Competition starting dates are yet to be confirmed, but Queensland Weightlifting said their first competition back on the calendar will be the Queensland Club Challenge on July 24-26.

While there may be no lifting and moaning or groaning as athletes push themselves to their limits, lifting hasn’t stopped completely.

The older lifters in the club have borrowed some equipment and been given a program, so they had everything they needed.

“We have managed that quite well, and they are just following the program at home and then send me videos,” Stenhouse said.

“To be completely honest, the kids don’t send me as many videos as what I would like.

“However they did come to me and say we have finished this program and are ready for the next one, so that was a positive sign that they are doing something.”

Miles weightlifter Henry Bourne said he had adapted to the experience quite well.

He said he was not finding it too difficult and was just missing his friends.

“It a bit different because it’s not social and you are doing everything by yourself,” he said.

“I’ve just been trying to keep up with the programs Sonia has written for us which include squats and snatches.

“I’m still training two or three times a week which is was I was doing so there hasn’t been much difference in training.”

Stenhouse said that other lifters have been struggling to juggle homeschooling and training.

However, the hardest part for everyone has been the unknown – whether or not the nationals will go ahead in Hobart in October as planned.

Current travel restrictions have cast some doubt on the situation.

“It’s just a shame because they were all excited about going to Hobart,” Stenhouse said.

“There are talks of cutting events out to make it a smaller event.

“However, only time will tell

“Most of them had qualified so, for now, we sort of have to keep training in case it does go ahead.”