DRUG RAIDS: Most shocking Chinchilla drug raids in 2020. Pic: Supplied
DRUG RAIDS: Most shocking Chinchilla drug raids in 2020. Pic: Supplied

Most shocking Chinchilla drug raids in 2020

CHINCHILLA police in conjunction with neighbouring stations, made an enormous effort to crack down on drugs charging over 36 locals with drug offences during a spate of raids across the district.

From DMT, acid, marijuana farms, and heavily armed police raiding a Chinchilla home, here’s a list of the most shocking raids during the year that was 2020:

Heavily armed police raid Western Downs home

Video footage shows the dramatic moment when heavily armed police stormed a house in Chinchilla during a co-ordinated operation across multiple properties.
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WATCH: Western Downs homes raided in massive drug seizures

Police from Tara and Chinchilla have charged 11 people with 37 offences following the recently launched Operation Impede, focusing on drug and property crime within the local area.

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Hundreds of weed plants found at illegal drug farm

A 58-YEAR-old Tara woman scurried to hide her cannabis plants during a police raid on the weekend - she was not successful.

The warrant is the latest to be executed as part of Operation Impede - which has resulted in Chinchilla and Tara Police charging 32 locals with 90 offences when 18 homes were raided by officers in August.

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Alleged Chinchilla meth kingpin taken down after major raids

A Chinchilla woman has been charged with 168 drug offences after Chinchilla police raided her home and found trafficable amounts of methamphetamine.
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Alleged Chinchilla dealer facing 70 charges

A Chinchilla man alleged to be dealing dangerous drugs has been charged with 70 drug related offences.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said 67 of the charges were for allegedly supplying dangerous drugs.

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16-year-old one of five charged during drug raids

Operation Impede is in full swing as Chinchilla police continue to crackdown on drugs in the Western Downs district - charging five people with 13 drug related offences after four homes were raided.

The raids uncovered common dangerous drugs found in Chinchilla such as methamphetamine and cannabis, although the hallucinogenic drugs, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), were also seized.

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Police swoop in on Chinchilla drug home, seize cannabis

It is alleged a 22-year-old man and woman were selling dangerous drugs from a Pilkington St residence in Chinchilla.

Police officer-in-charge sergeant Andrew Irvine said police found 160 grams of cannabis and the hallucinogenic drug Lysergide acid.

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