An artists impression of the Sky Muster satellite. Photo contributed.
An artists impression of the Sky Muster satellite. Photo contributed. Contributed

NBN satellite comes online in late April

FROM late April, more than 400,000 remote Australian families will have access to super-fast broadband after the NBN Skymuster Satellite Service comes online.

This includes several thousand residents around Chinchilla, where the rolling terrain prohibits the reach of fixed wireless technology.

Charles Tym, CEO of Harbour ISP, a regional service provider of the new satellite broadband services, says that it’s a revolution in internet connectivity for the bush.

Harbour ISP’s Geoff Anson said that he’d been speaking to people running cattle and grain businesses from home and that the unreliability of their current connections sometimes made it impossible for them to complete transactions.

“Fast internet connections will save the bush,” Mr Anson said.

Sky Muster is promising to provide download speeds of up to 25Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5Mbps to rural customers.

If eligible, the NBN Sky Muster satellite service replaces any other internet service you currently have.

It’s faster, offers more data and in most cases will cost less than you are paying now, for a better service.

For those interested, the process is simple, and it costs nothing to register interest in the new satellite service.

Customers will begin to be commissioned from May 1, but with 15,000 people already in the queue to be connected, there is currently a three to four-month wait.

For more information and to check which NBN service you are eligible for, call on 1300 366 169 or apply online at