SCHOOL LEADERS: Chinchilla Christian College 2018 secondary school captains.
SCHOOL LEADERS: Chinchilla Christian College 2018 secondary school captains. Contributed

New school leaders at Chinchilla Christian College

CHINCHILLA Christian College has welcomed its school captains for 2018, including its first Year 12 captains.

Principal Nathan McDonald said the captains were announced on the last day of school last year after a tough selection process that included considering the students' character influence and servanthood.

"We're blessed to have such high calibre students to choose, it was a very hard process... we're really excited about the group of student leaders.”

But Mr McDonald said it was important to encourage all students to demonstrate leadership.

"Because leadership is influence, ultimately we are all leaders in some way or another... when we come to school and the choices that we make, people watch us and we inspire either positive or negative attitudes and behaviours.”

Primary school captain Skye Gerke said she wanted to become a captain to support others.

"You can support younger students and give them an example for when they grow older,” she said.

For Year 12 student and secondary school captain Joshua Prentice it was all about giving back.

"Being a captain is becoming... someone who's willing to go out of their way to do things for other people and serve others... to get down and help them where they're at,” he said.

"Being a school captain has really helped me progress as a person and I was never brilliant at public speaking when I was a lot younger but now I've had a lot more experience with it and I love getting out and getting up on stage and talking to people, helped me come out of my shell.”