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Open space re-zoned for future housing development

PROPERTY developer Clive Berghofer has won approval from the Toowoomba Regional Council to have a 3.94ha area of zoned open space removed from Kearneys Spring to make way for a future housing development.

The zoned open space sat on a 16.33 ha, undeveloped block of land south of the suburb of Kearneys Spring, bordering Nelson St to the north and Kearney St to the west.

According to a development application lodged with the council, a councillor and council officers confirmed in June 2016 the majority of 3.94ha section of land was no longer required for public open space purposes, with another park situated closeby.

Economic Associates prepared a report looking at the potential demand for residential development on the land, which found the Darling Heights was anticipated to achieve "a strong population growth between 2016 and 2036" of between 1.9 and 2.6%.

The report argued there was a number of constraints to development in the Darling Heights/ Kearneys Spring area and that when taking them into account, there was a projected shortfall of housing supply between 2021 and 2026.

"The inclusion of the land within the subject site currently identified as open space will assist in addressing the likely shortfall in development supply to 2026," the report said.

The application for the removal of the zoned open space was supported by an indicative masterplan for a new housing development.

The council granted Mr Berghofer's company Jeteld Pty Ltd an approval to convert the open space zone to a low-medium density residential zone last week.

TRC Planning and Development Committee chair Cr Chris Tait said the area was well-serviced for parkland and that stormwater was being controlled in a different manner than was first proposed some years ago.

Clive donates $5 million: Clive Berghofer has donated $5 million to St Vincent's Hospital
Clive donates $5 million: Clive Berghofer has donated $5 million to St Vincent's Hospital