OPINION: 'Fear': Health effects from town's fluoride loss

THE councillors who voted to end the fluoridation program gave no evidence that Gladstone's drinking water contained too much Fluoride.

Given that the eminent health impact is having too little fluoride, it should make everybody question why Gladstone Regional Council has voted to unnecessarily expose consumers to this situation?

Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett. Photo Paul Braven / The Observer
Gladstone Mayor Matt Burnett. Photo Paul Braven / The Observer Paul Braven

The "anti-fluoridation cowboys" have never used a verified piece of scientific evidence, Australian standard, guideline, regulation or law to support their debate.

Their argument has been purely based on the fear and ignorance of inaccurate internet searches.

If their information was correct, then multiple court cases should have already been lodged against the various authorities for "endangering public health". Where are they?

Councillors used no intellect when supporting this motion - requiring no details of current water fluoride measurements or confirmation of heightened fluoridation levels to justify their decision.

As low levels are proven problematic, this decision is (at best) a guess.