ESSENTIAL SERVICE: In these unknown times, Kup of Kindness Inc is there for the people who need it most.
ESSENTIAL SERVICE: In these unknown times, Kup of Kindness Inc is there for the people who need it most.

Pandemic restrictions are not holding Kup of Kindness back

AS MANY people struggle through these unprecedented times of COVID-19, raising the issues of mental health and drug and alcohol dependencies, physical health concerns, domestic violence or job loss, Kup of Kindness is are doing all they can to lend a helping in these times of need.

For the past five months, the Chinchilla charity has been providing breakfast before school during term time, and a weekly meal for many of our most vulnerable community members each Monday evening.

When the coronavirus a couple ago weeks and social distancing restrictions were put in place, they were determined to continue to offer that sense of community, so they adapted.

Currently, they are serving their meals on a Monday night in Bio-cane takeaway containers from recycled cane mulch and seating is a no-go.

It is still business as usual though, with the team still providing a place for people to come together, feel cared for, establish friendships and serving those in need with a smile and virtual hug.

Operated wholly by volunteers Ruth Lindsay, Food Safety Supervisor and President of Kup of Kindness Inc., is grateful for everyone who is helping during the pandemic.

Many residents and some local business have joined in support, including Origin Energy who are currently supplying vouchers.

The vouchers are not only helping Ruth purchase fruit and vegetables to convert into meals, but they are supporting local business, the Chinchilla Fruit Market where the vouchers are redeemed.

Origin has also redirected boxes of crackers, vegemite and more from their corporate offices to Kup of Kindness to help at-risk regional community members during these unprecedented times.

Origin’s General Manager Alexandra Kennedy-Clark said Kup of Kindness Inc. is doing a great job helping our most vulnerable community members.

“The idea to help came from our staff, and I was delighted to support the suggestion,” she said,

“Encouraging charity and bringing our community together to help people who are in dire need of assistance is one way we can all help make each other feel happier and connected to others during this difficult time.”

Enjoying being a part of a team of people, helping out for as many hours as she can and positively improving someone else’s life, Ruth has volunteered with Kup of Kindness Inc since its inception.

She said helping is a reminder that it doesn’t take much effort to make a big difference to someone and with the pandemic she hopes other residents remember the same.

“We’re always looking for volunteers who bring non-judgemental enthusiasm, flexibility, and compassion for others’ situations – those who treat everyone with respect,” she said.

“We welcome all volunteers. Everyone brings different skills and strengths.”

Volunteers prepare food, cook, serve the food, clean up, wash up, and show care for every patron, all while maintaining strict hygiene and safety measures in line with guidelines.

For those who wish to help support Kup of Kindness Inc., you can get in touch by messaging them on Facebook or making a purchase at their Op Shop in the arcade adjacent to Dorney’s Cake Shop to help keep the soup kitchen van on the road.

Kup of Kindness Inc. is open to all, showing what a small group of people can do to make a big difference during these unprecedented times.