END OF AN ERA: Chinchilla News and Dalby Herald are set to go online-only from July.
END OF AN ERA: Chinchilla News and Dalby Herald are set to go online-only from July.

Paper closures - The good and the bad

I’M SURE the community is aware of the monumental decision that was been made about the future of the Dalby Herald and Chinchilla News.

Our paper, among many others, will cease printing near the end of this financial year.

The press will fire up for the last time on the eve of June 26 so we can deliver our very last printed copy of the Chinchilla News after more than 100 years of serving the community.

For the Dalby Herald, the last paper will come out on June 27 after over 150 years of publication!

I understand this is going to be a very difficult thing for our communities to cope with and that this is truly, the end of an era.

Of course, the silver lining with all of this news is that the Chinchilla News, Dalby Herald and most of News Corp’s other regional papers will still live on through our online platforms.

There are plenty of benefits with online news, such as the fact that breaking stories will come to your phone within the hour of them happening.

Online news is accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection and articles are no longer bound by the space limitations of a newspaper.

But it is definitely worth acknowledging that online media, however, is still inaccessible to some members of our communities.

Older folk, those without stable internet and even some people with disabilities may not be able to access their local news anymore.

We understand your pain, but we’ll continue to do our very best to deliver quality content so that local news can live on.