Callide MP Colin Boyce.
Callide MP Colin Boyce.

Pre-polling at ‘record numbers’ in Callide

WITH the election just one day away, The Observer has asked Callide candidates what they expect will happen on Saturday, if more people have pre-polled this year, and what feedback they have received from voters so far.


Incumbent Member for Callide Colin Boyce


Callide MP Colin Boyce visited Gladstone on July 9.
Callide MP Colin Boyce visited Gladstone on July 9.

Member for Callide Colin Boyce believes half of the Callide electorate has already voted via pre-poll or by post.

"I reckon at least half of Callide has pre-polled or postal voted, that's the feeling I've got," Mr Boyce said.

"People have made their mind up early and people know what they want."

The incumbent candidate said jobs and being a productive member of society concerned most voters in the electorate.

"Obviously I live in a large rural electorate that is primarily based on agriculture, the coal industry, coal fired power and the gas industry," he said.

"We also have a large renewable energy sector particularly in the Chinchilla, the southern end of the electorate which involves all of the working people generating income for the state.

"(Callide) people are concerned with having a job and being productive members of society."

Mr Boyce said he believed it would be a very close election with several seats remaining undetermined until after the election.

"I suspect there will be several seats that will not be determined until after the election when postal votes come in," he said.

"I think that's what will happen in some seats."



Independent Adam Cecil Burling

Independent candidate for Callide Adam Burling.
Independent candidate for Callide Adam Burling.

Independent Adam Burling said the prepoll in Biloela had close to 1000 people come through last week, and had doubled this week.

The independent candidate said he has received good feedback from Facebook and emails.

"It's probably been a little biased because I'm from Biloela but I've had plenty of good feedback via Facebook and emails," Mr Burling said.

"People are agreeing with what I've been saying and a lot of issues people have been raising with me are popular issues throughout the electorate.

"I'm just hoping people realise the Callide electorate has been taken for granted for too long as a safe seat and we just haven't been getting what we deserve here from the state governments.

"As an independent I think I could bring the balance of power to Callide."



Independent Loris Jean Doessel

Independent candidate for Callide Loris Doessel.
Independent candidate for Callide Loris Doessel.

Along the same vain as above, independent Loris Doessel said early voting had been very popular throughout the electorate.

Ms Doessel said Saturday could be interesting, with a third of the electorate showing to have already voted on the Electoral Commission Queensland website.

"Everybody wants to get it out the way. I have noticed talking to people and looking at queues," Ms Doessel said.

"For sure to be some that will leave it until the weekend."

Ms Doessel said she believed the Callide electorate was just wanting someone to represent them.

"I'm down the bottom representing what people actually want rather than what some theoretical person up top thinks," she said.

"I'm trying to be the balance in between."


Greens candidate Anthony Walsh

Callide candidate for Greens Anthony Walsh
Callide candidate for Greens Anthony Walsh

Greens candidate Anthony Walsh said he had seen people pre-polling in "record numbers".

"Voters are sick and tired of the major parties and are ready to vote for a positive change," Mr Walsh said.

"The Greens are the only party running at this election that does not take corporate donations, so if we win we will put people first."


ALP candidate Gordon Earnshaw was approached for comment.


The Observer asked readers yesterday if they had any questions they wanted to ask the Callide candidates, however no reader questions were submitted.