Eve Radke takes the Supreme Champion Hack of Eidsvold Show accolade.
Eve Radke takes the Supreme Champion Hack of Eidsvold Show accolade. Felicity Ripper

Radke trio puts in hard yards to reap show rewards

EVERY morning at 5.50am, the Radke family wakes up to feed the horses on their Monogorilby property before driving 116km to school in Chinchilla.

After the long drive home in the afternoon, Eve, Gracie and Jill catch the horses in their paddock, maintain the stables, put the horses in the stables, put their rugs on and feed them.

After dinner another rug goes on each horse, and each of the girls has an Australian stockhorse, a campdrafting horse and a show pony to care for.

It's a lot of responsibility for the 9, 11 and 13-year-old, but their hard work affords them successes many girls their age have never achieved.

All three took out their class after riding their show ponies at the Eidsvold Show on Sunday, and Eve was named Supreme Champion Hack of the Show.

"You can't just go in the ring and hope for the best, you have to train,” Eve said.

"Once you're in the ring your horse has to go with you and do what you ask them.

"And you really have to believe in each other.”

The girls' mum Fiona Radke said she was chuffed watching her daughters ride, and proud of the way Eve rode to get her title.

"Having horses in our lives is the best,” she said.

"They can be their own person, do what they want on their ponies, go wherever they want - they're in charge and in control.

"Essentially the girls look after their show horses themselves.”

It's not just shows and campdrafts the girls use their horses for, they give back by helping their parents muster cattle on their property.

Their busy schedule is set to continue as their calendar fills up with horse competitions for the coming months.