Reports Channel Nine paid child recovery specialist $69,000

The 60 Minutes crew at the centre of the scandal may be home safe but the men who actually did the dirty work of grabbing Sally Faulkner's kids are still in jail and now court documents have revealed who paid them to act. 

The Australian reports it has obtained bank statements showing Channel 9 paid $69,000 for an "investigation into (a) missing child" to Adam Whittington - the man who orchestrated the operation. 

Whittington is still being detained by Lebanese authorities and earlier today the children's father - Lebanese surf instructor Ali Elamine - rang the Kyle and Jackie-O show and said while he'd supported the release of his estranged wife and the 60 Minutes crew he would not support the release of those who grabbed his kids. 


Rumours are still circulating of another payout - this one from Channel 9 to people in Lebanon in order to secure the deal which led to release. 

However Mr Elamine said he had not received any money despite claims he had demanded millions.