Residents concerned by spate of vigilante justice

FROM punctured tires to rude notes left on car windscreens, a small group of individuals are going to extraordinary lengths to keep their coastal town safe from travellers during the COVID-19 shutdown. However, some locals are getting caught up in the crossfire.

Iluka residents have taken to social media to share their concerns about the recent spate of vigilante justice.

For instance, one resident discovered a beautifully handwritten note on their car which stated: "Queenslander. Go home. Stay thier (sic)" while another, mistaken for a tourist, was verbally abused while playing in the park with their children.

In another thread, a resident whose tyres had been punctured suspected it might have been retaliation for having Queensland number plates and has since referred the incident to police.

This isn't the first time Iluka residents have experienced a select few becoming territorial with their town.

In 2018, the phrase 'No Cameras' was spray-painted across two concrete dividers at the entrance of the break wall, with some residents suggesting it referred to a territorial dispute among surfers.

This time around, however, the threat of contracting this potentially fatal virus has led to overly reactive individuals going to extreme measures to protect their town.