REVEALED: Main culprits behind illegal developments

FAMILIES and everyday citizens are the main culprits behind unlawful development across the Western Downs, a council report has revealed.

A spokeswoman for Western Downs Regional Council said it's homejob developments like building sheds and doing renovations that aren't being submitted for approval to meet building standards.

Only a small number of cases are from big developers.

Western Downs deputy mayor Andrew Smith said development applications were assessed by council in accordance with the Planning and Building Acts.

"Development approvals are often issued with conditions in place to ensure the development meets planning standards as outlined under legislation, and it is a legal requirement for the developer hold a valid permit and to meet these conditions," Mr Smith said.

"Council is required to ensure developments are compliant and in keeping with the relevant town plan or building codes.

"Council also thoroughly investigates all complaints made about a development."

He said most people are doing the right thing and complying by regulations.

"Council also conducts regular proactive inspections of agricultural facilities such a piggeries and feedlots to ensure they meet development standards," he said.

The Council spokeswoman said the majority of cases were from families and everyday citizens not realising they need a permit to do development works.

"They have to abide by the planning act," the spokeswoman said.

"Most people do the right thing."



Council has listed the following over the first 2020 quarter from January to March:

  • 2 certificates of compliance received
  • 6 complaints
  • 17 alleged unlawful developments
  • 4 matters of noncompliance
  • 1 enforcement notice issued
  • 2 show cause notices issued
  • 9 outstanding infrastructure charges letters issued
  • 1 outstanding infrastructure charge placed on land

No penalty infringement notices or legal proceedings were issued.