GET ORGANISED: Here’s how you should be preparing for fire season. Picture: Emma Murray
GET ORGANISED: Here’s how you should be preparing for fire season. Picture: Emma Murray

REVEALED: Southwest properties at higher risk of fire damage

PROPERTIES in and around the southwest are at a high risk of severe damage this fire season, and Ergon Energy and Energex are urging property owners to take extra precautions if they’re conducting controlled burns near the electricity network ahead of fire season.

Queensland bushfire season traditionally starts in August, but in light of the severity of the last fire season, locals are being urged to get organised much sooner.

Ergon Energy Network Area Manager Brian Dingle said Queensland landholders needed to be aware of the dangers associated with power poles being damaged or destroyed by fire.

“We’ve had significant damage in areas right across regional Queensland the past two fire seasons,” Mr Dingle said.

“Fires in Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Bundaberg, the Sunshine Coast, South Western Queensland and around Toowoomba all impacted our customers and the poles and wires that supply them with power – some for up to a week.”

“If anyone sees a fire close to power poles or if they see a pole on fire, they should call triple-0.

“Just as concerning is a pole that is only partially burnt because it could be significantly weakened and fail at a later date, bringing down high-voltage wires.”

Mr Dingle also urged landholders to be aware of their surrounds and remain vigilant to keep themselves and their property safe while conducting any bushfire mitigation work.

“We’re asking property owners to trim or clear any long grass, foliage and rubbish within a three-metre radius of their poles and closely monitor any controlled burns they carry out,” he said.

“For more information around bushfire preparedness head to”

In the event of a fire always dial triple-0.