Lebanese judge looking tough for 60 Minutes crew

Things aren't looking good for Tara Brown and her crew as the judge presiding over the case says he won't be dropping the criminal charges. 

And in a further blow to the Australian's fate the father of the children involved in the case has also said he won't be compromising. 


The matter was adjourned yesterday about 9pm (AEST).


Judge Rami Abdullah last week urged Faulkner and her estranged husband Ali Elamine to reach a custody agreement ahead of the hearing, but their lawyers say this has proved impossible.

EARLIER: 60 Minutes crew turn on each other in jail


Earlier it was reported that the group were turning against each other with the 'child recovery specialist' involved in the case, Adam Whittington, had told NewsCorp he could prove Channel Nine paid him to take part in the operation. 

If proven that evidence could be damning as previously the 60 Minutes crew could have pleaded they had no knowledge of what was about to take place.