Flushing money down the toilet. Australian money in toilet, generic
Flushing money down the toilet. Australian money in toilet, generic

Roma mother returned stolen clothes she had urinated in

TRACY Milburne thought she could get away with shoplifting a number of clothing items from Myer at Westfield Chermside, but by the time she emptied her bladder, it was too late.

The 55-year-old was charged with stealing and breach of bail fronting the Roma Magistrates Court on August 5.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court Milburne went to Myer on August 31 when she left the store without paying for a $39 black lace body suit, a blue bra valued at almost $80 and two dresses valued at almost $70 each.

"A short time later, the informants intercepted the defendant at the shopping centre where she returned to the victim store and provided them with the details," sgt Whiting said.

"The defendant agreed to return the items and in the process of doing so, they were found to be in contact with her bare skin, rendering them unsaleable."

Sgt Whiting then told the court that the black body suit was soiled as Milburne had urinated in it.

The court heard Milburne paid for the body suit, but not the other items of clothes she attempted to shoplift.

She had breached a condition of bail on September 7, 2019 and September 16, 2019, and failing to appear in court on September 25, 2019.

Magistrate Peter Saggers described Milburne's previous history as "all dishonesty and drugs".

Solicitor Lesley Reed said Milburne failed to appear on that date as she was visiting sick family members.

"Throughout the whole of her history, she acknowledges that she's taken illicit drugs," Ms Reed said.

"In relation to the stealing, she acknowledges that she was taking illicit drugs at the time and she wasn't thinking straight.

"She now realises that she has to change her lifestyle and start looking after her daughter."

Magistrate Saggers remarked that some of Milburne's charges were over 12 months old.

"You've got a terrible history of stealing things and you've been sent to jail before for stealing things," he said.

Milburne was given a one month prison sentence, wholly suspended for 12 months.

She was also slapped with a $1000 fine and made to pay $219.86 compensation to Myer for for the stolen items.