MARKETING: Damian Morgan will speak at the Business Leaders' Seminar.
MARKETING: Damian Morgan will speak at the Business Leaders' Seminar. Blue Tree Studios

Small business stories

SMALL business success is all about telling your story.

That's the opinion of marketing strategist and former local Damian Morgan.

Mr Morgan grew up in Condamine and is returning to Chinchilla on February 12 as the Chinchilla News' Business Leaders' Seminar guest speaker.

After the success of the 2018 seminar, Mr Morgan said this year's free event on how to create high-impact campaigns will delve into how small businesses can improve their marketing strategies, particularly with a multimedia approach.

"The theme of high-impact campaigns is that the internet has made it so easy now for everybody to be advertising that the white noise, or the amount of ads you've got to cut through to actually get people's attention, is exponentially greater than it once was, so you can't be boring,” he said.

"We're getting small businesses to get to the absolute core of what they do best and tell that story, however they tell it, whatever media, digital or traditional, it's about how they tell that story, and it cuts through, grabs people's attention and gets a response.”

As part of the seminar, Mr Morgan will discuss some of the best marketing campaigns he's seen during the past 12 months and apply those lessons to small and medium businesses.

"Small business far too often relies on word of mouth alone,” he said.

"Word of mouth is amazing, but it's not enough.

"So it's about getting small businesses to understand they need to be promoting themselves in the same way big business does.

"Marketing is a core function of business, and big business gets that, whereas far too often small business hopes they can get away without doing it, but the reality is, they don't.

"It's not necessarily that people don't know who they are, they'll often know who they are, but they don't know everything they sell or all the services they offer.”

Mr Morgan said he would encourage every small business owner to take one hour out of their day to "work on their business, not in it”.

"There'll be at least one idea for something they can change that will help them to be more profitable, but it'll be different for everyone.”

To reserve your spot, call the Chinchilla News on 46729902.