Chinchilla's Sherry Draper loves making sock monkeys.
Chinchilla's Sherry Draper loves making sock monkeys. Brooke Duncan

Sock monkeys for sick kids

FOR Sherry Draper, there's nothing like helping kids and families in need, and she's thought of a great way to do it.

Each year Chinchilla McDonalds sells $3 pairs of socks as part of the McHappy Day fundraiser to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Mrs Draper buys the socks and turns them into sock monkeys.

She then donates them back to McDonalds, to be sold as part of McHappy Day.

The idea came after Mrs Draper's boss bought a sock monkey from Vinnies for a display at her workplace earlier this year. When the display ended, Mrs Draper's boss gave her the toy.

"So I brought it home and I went 'ah that's really cute I wonder... how that's made',” Mrs Draper said.

"And I looked at it and I went, 'that's a pair of socks'.

"I reckon I could make that.”

Mrs Draper was on the hunt for the perfect pair of stripey socks, not too short or too fluffy, but she couldn't find any.

But then she thought of the McDonald's McHappy Day fundraiser, and when the socks were available she bought some, made some monkeys, and had an idea.

"I wondered if they wanted to display them,” she said.

Thinking others might enjoy the craft, she even made instructions to go with the monkeys on display.

"If people wanted to buy a pair of socks for $3 and take a pattern they can make it themselves,” she said.

"It might sell more socks.”

Chinchilla's Sherry Draper loves making sock monkeys.
Chinchilla's Sherry Draper decided to donate the toys to the charity. Brooke Duncan

McDonalds was happy to display Mrs Draper's handiwork, and invited her to make as many sock monkeys as she wanted. The monkeys will be sold on McHappy Day this Saturday to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

"People buy the socks anyway... I buy socks every year and never had a use for them,” she said.

"But at least this might be a use if people did want to have a pattern and make their own.”

Requests for monkeys have been pouring in since she had the idea, with people buying socks to turn into the toys, and even some McDonalds staff are getting in on the monkey-making action.

Her tips for anyone wanting to make a monkey are not to stuff them too full, and not to use buttons for the eyes as they can be a choking hazard.

Mrs Draper is also making sock monkeys as part of the Christmas Shoebox Appeal with her church to send to children in need overseas.

"It might give someone something to love over there, which helps, buying the socks for $3, making them up helps McHappy Day kids, as well as kids overseas for the Christmas appeal.”