Stepping into fight leads to conviction

A GLENMORGAN woman has been convicted of assault occasioning bodily harm after trying to break up a fight.

An altercation between a neighbour and the daughter of Noela Garland led to her court appearance in Dalby on Tuesday.

The Dalby Magistrates Court heard Garland and her daughter had taken exception to a neighbour they believed was filming them.

The court heard the neighbour was in her backyard trying to obtain better phone reception when Garland and her daughter approached the neighbour.

After the phone was slapped out of the neighbour's hand, a verbal altercation then led to the daughter of Garland instigating a fight, the court heard.

In an effort to separate the two, the caught heard Garland's reckless arm movements led to a strike on the neighbour's head causing bruising.

Garland pleaded guilty to the one charge.

Magistrate Robbie Davies said it was a minor offence.

Garland was fined $300.