STRONG SWIMMER: Caitlin Moran (front) at the Tara Aquathon on Sunday, January 27.
STRONG SWIMMER: Caitlin Moran (front) at the Tara Aquathon on Sunday, January 27. Brooke Duncan

Students make a splash at first Tara aquathon

Aquathon: It was no lazy Sunday morning in Tara at the weekend, as the town's swimming club held its first aquathon.

Forty-two competitors ranging from under 10s to those in their 50s rolled up bright and early to jog and swim their way through a course designed to get hearts pumping and bodies working.

Club president David Gunther said the main push behind launching the event was to encourage children to maintain their fitness during the summer holidays.

"Normally they come back to swimming club and they're exhausted,” Gunther said.

"So trying to keep them fit, because they have swimming trials straight up when they first come back to school and most of them don't do a good time.

"(They) don't get on the team if they don't do a good time, so that was the main thing.”

It wasn't all hard work though, with a sizzling barbecue breakfast awaiting competitors and spectators alike.

The event was also a bit of a fundraiser for the Tara Swimming Club, and a chance for the students to compete with their sports teacher, Nathan Josefski.

Josefski had just the day before been named Western Downs Sportsperson of the Year at the Tara Australia Day awards.

"All the kids want to see him run or participate,” Gunther said.

With the success of the aquathon, Gunther said the club was optimistic about running another event at the camel races in August, and potentially a third during the September/October holidays.