Students to study ‘Survival Day’ instead of Australia Day

STUDENTS will learn about "Survival Day'' in place of Australia Day in politically-correct lessons set by Queensland Education for parents to police at home.

A Year 8 English task asks students to analyse a news article in The Koori Mail, titled "Groups set for Survival Day'', as part of home schooling lessons set for the coronavirus lockdown.

The article is an account of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander events and activities planned to mark "Survival Day'' on January 26, 2011.


"Note that 'Survival Day' refers to the public holiday often referred to as 'Australia Day','' the lesson sheet states.

"The use of the term 'Survival Day' acknowledges the Aboriginal history of Australia and highlights issues associated with European colonisation.

"You will have found that this news article did a decent job of providing a reliable account of events, using descriptions that are free of bias or personal viewpoints.''

The "Survival Day'' lesson is among the two weeks' of lessons and assignments published on the Education Queensland website, for students learning from home.

Opposition leader Deb Frecklington called on the state government to "get back to basics''.

"The Labor government should not be forcing political viewpoints on our kids, especially during a worldwide pandemic,'' she said yesterday.

"Now more than ever, the education system needs to get back to basics of English, maths and science rather than pushing ideological agendas.

"You don't have to tear down Australia Day to actually recognise the achievements and history of indigenous Australians.''

Ms Frecklington said the real issues facing indigenous communities were life-threatening but preventable diseases, substance abuse, domestic violence and unemployment.

Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace said Ms Frecklington would have "flunked'' the Year 8 English lesson.

"Considering other points of view, interpreting the validity of content and evaluating the credibility of sources is a key part of not only the year eight English curriculum, but also politics and life in general,'' she said.

"It seems Ms Frecklington has failed to identify the bias in this exercise and subsequently flunked week one of Year 8 English.''

Originally published as Students to study 'Survival Day' instead of Australia Day