PHOTOS: Sunshine Coast kite surfers soar with the wind

GUSTY winds blowing sand at your legs may not be the ideal conditions for a beach walk on the Sunshine Coast but they are a kite surfer's delight.

Kite surfers lined up along Pt Cartwright to Kawana yesterday afternoon, making the most of the strong north-north east winds.

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded wind gusts of up to 48km/h at the Sunshine Coast Airport  on Tuesday afternoon.
General wind speeds ranged from 7km/h to 37 in the afternoon or 20 knots in sailing terms.

At Pt Cartwright near Kawana, surfers were also making the most of the messy waves which also proved a good challenge for lifesavers doing training.

Even the biggest of sea eagles struggled to hover in one place looking for a feed above the rocks while the crashing whitewater made for some great photo opportunities.