HISTORIC HALL: Tara Scouts group leader Lisa Toon is looking forward to the grand opening.
HISTORIC HALL: Tara Scouts group leader Lisa Toon is looking forward to the grand opening. Brooke Duncan

Tara ready for scouting

AFTER five years of closure, the Tara Scouts branch is ready to re-open tonight.

Scout's central and western Queensland region development and support officer Gill Hall said the process to breathing new life into the Tara branch started after a chance encounter with a sign on the highway.

"I started this job in 2013 and the accountant used to come and stand beside my desk about once a month and say 'what's happening with Tara' but I actually didn't even know where Tara was,” Mrs Hall said.

"Then one day coming back from St George... I saw a sign that said Tara and I thought 'oh well I'll just pop in and have a look'.”

Mrs Hall found the Scout's log cabin and knew she couldn't let the club stay closed any longer.

"(I) started doing some investigating and... after 12 months we've suddenly got people coming out of the woodwork who have come on board as leaders, a group leader, we are still looking for more leaders, we do have a couple of committee position to fill, but we have a treasurer so it's coming together,” she said.

"The people that have come on board... have been actually working like Trojans,” Mrs Hall said, explaining the long preparations to get the location ready.

"It's the same in any group when they're starting out, there's always that core bunch of people who are prepared to get in and do the work, so I really want to congratulate those guys for the work that they've done.”

One of the most unique parts of the Tara Scouts is the scout hall.

"(It's) a log cabin built in the '50s by the scouts themselves, but it's a replica of the scout den that was built on Brownsea Island off the coast of... England in 1907 by Lord Baden-Powell who actually started the scout movement,” Mrs Hall said.

"To see the replica sitting here, it's quite spooky when you see it, and I know that when I took (group leader) Lisa through it... she actually got goosebumps when she walked into the building and just realised the value of it, the historic value of it, it's pretty special, you can't lose that den.”

The club will start with the Cub Scouts and the Scouts (groups for seven to 14-year-olds) with plans to expand over time. The grand opening will be tonight from 4.30-8pm, with the first official Scouts night next Tuesday from 5.30-7pm.