COUNTRY DRAFT: David Wells on Banana at the Tara Campdraft on Saturday.
COUNTRY DRAFT: David Wells on Banana at the Tara Campdraft on Saturday. Brooke Duncan

Tara's first day of drafting in three years

Campdraft: The sport might be suffering but it didn't stop the competitors from trotting up to Tara last weekend.

The first Tara Campdraft in three years, the day-long event featured riders from all over battling it out for top spot.

Organised by the Tara Polocrosse Club, member Brodie Stephens said they were eager to hold the annual draft again - even if they had to cut it back to a single day event.

"We actually saw, in the last month I think, four were cancelled, so we were really keen to keep ours, even if it was just a one-day, to keep it going,” Mrs Stephens said.

"It's usually two day, there's usually more events, there's an open and other categories they can go in, but because we source our cattle as locally as we can so the trucking companies don't have to go too far, we actually had more cattle donors but they had to pull out at the last minute because of the drought and they had to sell their stock, so we made the decision two weeks ago to just cut it back to one day.

"We've actually had to cancel a couple of times because of the drought and no cattle, so we were actually keen to get back into it.”

The club was granted something of a reprieve the night before the event with some rainfall, but the skies were clear come Saturday morning.

The campdraft is a great fundraiser for the group, who have a few projects on the horizon - including a new bar.

As for the winners, the Novice Draft went to Wade Clarke on Shiraz, in second place was Scott Doherty on Serenade, while John Bradshaw on Fantasy took out third.

In the Maiden Draft Michael O'Donohoe on Jazzy Miss Sable came out the winner, while James McKenna on Rooster came second, and third went to Wade Clarke on Zara.