DAY IN COURT: Megan Maree Melhuish faced Chinchilla court for drug possession and stealing. Pic: Supplied
DAY IN COURT: Megan Maree Melhuish faced Chinchilla court for drug possession and stealing. Pic: Supplied

Toilet paper thief fronts court for meth possession

THE Chinchilla Magistrates Court heard a 45-year-old mother who stole loo roll paper from the Drakes toilet, was also in possession of methamphetamine.

The woman, Megan Maree Melhuish, faced the court on Thursday, October 1, on 10 charges in total.

Melhuish pleaded guilty and was convicted of the following charges; three counts of possessing dangerous drugs, stealing, possession of property suspected of being used for the purpose drug use, four counts of failing to appear in accordance with an undertaking, and breach of bail condition.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana said on Sunday, February 2, Melhuish was stopped by police on Heeney St at 4pm, due to an outstanding warrant for her arrest dating back to 2018.

Senior constable Tahana said Melhuish was subsequently arrested, resulting in police uncovering seven rolls of toilet paper, and drugs stashed inside a deodorant can.

A month later in March senior constable Tahana said Melhuish was intercepted leaving an address known to police on Wambo St, when they found her in possession of 0.63 grams of methamphetamine, a cut straw, and marijuana.

Senior constable Tahana noted Melhuish’s history of failing to appear because she “couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed” which indicated a disregard for the court.

The court heard the mother has a good working history in Woolworths and meatworks, even though she came from a broken family, resulting in a transient lifestyle from the age of 15.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop brought attention to the fact that Melhuish has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, saying she can’t keep engaging in methamphetamine.

“You need to stay away from methamphetamine more than the average person,” she said.

Magistrate Mossop sentenced Melhuish to 12 months’ probation for nine of the charges.

Although for one remaining charge of failing to appear, Melhuish was convicted and not further punished.