12 yo World Champion archer

Meet Toowoomba's 12-year-old archery world champion

AMBER Reinbott, 12, walks up to her target and tips her cap which mentally feels like she's "clicking herself on".

She draws back an arrow into her bow with more strength than most adults.

All her surroundings fall quiet, well in her mind, and she lines her eye up with the target.

She releases the long, fine arrow which hits the A zone every time.

This is why Amber is a world champion.

The Murphys Creek girl just won the "cub" under 13 freestyle unlimited division at the 2016 World Field Archery Championships.

She was one of four Murphys Creek residents to claim a world medal.

Amber Reinbott world champion archer. Wednesday Oct 05, 2016.
WINNER WINNER: Murphys Creek 12-year-old Amber Reinbott is a world champion archer. Nev Madsen

Every two years, the tournament travels to a different location around the world.

This year, the Darling Downs Field Archers travelled to Wagga Wagga in New South Wales.

Toowoomba State High School student Ethan Wilson came third in the young adult bow hunter unlimited, 16-year-old Josie Hughes came second in the bow hunter junior division and Troy Hughes placed second in the bow hunter limited adult section.

They also came second in a nominated team event.

Inspired by her father, Amber has been doing archery since she was four but has only been shooting competitively for two years.

( From left ) Amber Reinbott world champion archer, Josie Hughes, Ethan Wilson and Troy Hughes. Wednesday Oct 05, 2016.
Murphys Creek World Field Archery Championship medal recipients (from left) Amber Reinbott, Josie Hughes, Ethan Wilson and Troy Hughes. Nev Madsen

At the championship, she had to compete in three different categories and shot a perfect score in the animal round which earned her the world title.

"It feels fun and exciting to be a world champion," she said.

"It takes a bit to get used to but I practised a lot.

"I really like how social it is and a fair few people do it."

Ethan likes the discipline archery requires and hopes to travel to South Africa for the next tournament in two years.

Josie and Amber said a lot of non-archers assumed it was a male-dominated sport and that wasn't the case.

"But I beat all the Australian boys," Amber laughed.

Next up Amber will travel to America to compete in the 3D archery titles.