TOUCH SAVIOURS: Chinchilla Touch Association members Regan Bender (treasurer), Mel Wolski (secretary), Paul Ellem (president) and Rachel de Jonge (vice-president).
TOUCH SAVIOURS: Chinchilla Touch Association members Regan Bender (treasurer), Mel Wolski (secretary), Paul Ellem (president) and Rachel de Jonge (vice-president). Brooke Duncan

Touch comp to go ahead after AGM

Touch: The Chinchilla Touch Association has saved its senior touch competition at its AGM last Wednesday.

After the club struggled to find committee members for this year, it held the meeting as a last-ditch effort to resuscitate this year's competition.

Chinchilla Touch Association life member Nicole Walsh said the meeting was not only well attended, but every position on the committee was filled on the night.

"There probably would have been 15 people there... it was really exciting to see so many people turn up to that meeting,” Walsh said.

"I walked in and every chair was filled around the table so that was good to see.”

Paul Ellem has taken on the role of president, while Rachel de Jonge is the new vice president and Mel Wolski is the club secretary.

Regan Bender has taken on the role of treasurer, while the senior co-ordinator is Megan Kruger, Junior/ South West co-ordinator is Jodi Ellem, Chelsea Mulhearn has taken on the referee co-ordinator position and the online co-ordinator is Bree Lawton.

For incoming vice- president Rachel de Jonges, she's looking forward to seeing the competition in full swing in the next few weeks.

"Touch season will be in full swing, no doubts at all,” de Jonges said.

"So we will have sign-on on the 21st of February out at Bulldog Park with games to commence the following Wednesday on the 28th, so we're planning to get pretty much stuck straight into it.”

de Jonges said she had been a part of the club before, and was happy to come back.

"I'm coming back in because Chinchilla Touch has been such a strong sport over the last 12, 13 years that I've been involved with it.. there was no way I was letting it go down that's for sure,” she said.

"I was happy to stick my hand up, we're also quite keen to try and source new people because without those new people we don't get the new ideas.

"So it's really good having Regan and Mel on board because they'll be a bit new to the executive committee side of things.”

Sign on for the Chinchilla Touch competition will be next Wednesday from 4.30-5.15pm for the juniors, and 6-7pm for seniors.

If interested players cannot attend the sign on, de Jonges said they could also contact one of the committee members directly.

Walsh said for anyone interested in helping out, there's always ways to pitch in.

"Anybody can get involved, anybody can come out and do duty, do refereeing, there's heaps of other things you can do in the association besides the executive committee.”