REACHING NEW HEIGHTS: Trainees learn the ropes at Diamond Protection Chinchilla.
REACHING NEW HEIGHTS: Trainees learn the ropes at Diamond Protection Chinchilla. Brooke Duncan

Training centre launches

VERTICAL rescue, fire fighting, and hazmat training are just some of the courses coming to Chinchilla as a training facility opens.

Diamond Protection's training facility has accepted its first clients this week after months of planning and building.

National training manager Tash Fee said the company established the centre to be closer to people who are likely to need the training.

"The bulk of what we're hearing is that the locals are having to drive to Brisbane for training, so that's obviously a concern where they've got to drive four hours to Brisbane that then they've got to complete the training for the day and drive back, so it's going to eliminate the issue of fatigue and taking business out of the region I guess so they'll be able to do that locally,” Ms Fee said.

She said the new facility allowed for a variety of training, from straightforward first aid to highly intensive training for emergency response teams.

"So one day we could be training for fire training at a kindergarten, doing first aid training for local volunteers or doing intensive fire- fighting training for personnel who work in emergency response industries or emergency response teams in mining,” she said.

"Here we're very much in supporting also the community if they need to do some training, so the local rural fire, SES, the auxiliary fire, QFES, any of those emergency response community groups are more than welcome to also come and use these facilities.

"I'm a member of the SES myself for about six years so I know how hard it is to maintain your skill set especially in more regional areas, so I'm very big on making sure that those emergency services feel welcome to come here.”