TikTok video reveals truth behind wild Macca's rumour

Truth behind wild Macca’s drink rumour

It's the wild conspiracy theory that's captured our attention - no, not that election stuff, but whether McDonald's soft drink serves could actually be all the same size.

Late last week a TikTok video went viral in which a McDonald's worker in the United States claimed he could prove that all the fast food chain's cups hold the same amount of drink.

The video, which showed him pouring seemingly the same amount of Coke into each cup, quickly racked up millions of views.

People were bitterly divided over whether @mykah.mykah was faking it or they'd just uncovered the biggest ruse in human history.

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An Aussie teen has tested the theory. Picture: TikTok.
An Aussie teen has tested the theory. Picture: TikTok.

But fortunately for those of us in Australia at least, a new TikTok video has poured fizzy, deliciously sweet water on the theory.

Emma Turner @weasleytwins_et from South Australia posted a clip of herself pouring Macca's Coke from the small-sized cup into the medium and then the large.



Don’t know about America but in Australia they’re very clearly different sizes ##maccas ##mcdonalds ##australia ##fyp ##foryou

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Each time there is less soft drink in the cup, proving there was a definite difference between each fizzy drink serving.

"Don't know about America but in Australia they're very clearly different sizes," Emma, 19, captioned the video, which has since been viewed more than 9 million times.

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Her video was viewed millions of times. Picture: TikTok.
Her video was viewed millions of times. Picture: TikTok.

The video got thousands of comments from people, grateful they finally had an answer to the Macca's debate.

"The fact that you even had to make this video," one person wrote, while another added: "Finally someone who debunks this myth correctly."

Several Aussies also commented, saying the country's consumer laws would make it very hard for Macca's to get away with its soft drink serves all being the same size, as well as policies the fast food chain has in place.

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"Right!! And in Australia there is a limit to how much ice they are allowed to put in the cups. (The yellow line on the bottom)," one person wrote.

News.com.au has also contacted McDonald's Australia for comment clarifying their drink sizes are different (just in case there was still any doubt) and we will update this story as soon as we have more information at hand.

Plenty of Americans also commented on the post too, joking it was different because "you guys are upside down" and marvelling at the different drink sizes.

"Their large cokes are so small HAHAHHA," one person wrote.

"Um in America, that large is a medium," another commented.


The video shows Coke from a small cup …
The video shows Coke from a small cup …



Videos claiming to show how fast food chains like McDonald's fake their drink sizes have been circulating online for years.

Back in 2017, a video of cups from US burger chain Jack In The Box showing how small, medium and large sizes held virtually the same amount of soft drink went viral on Twitter.

In the US, all McDonald's drinks cost $1, with their soft drink sizing drastically different to Australia and among the largest servings in the world.

An American McDonald's small drink is around 473ml, a medium is 621ml and a large is 887ml while in Australia, a small is around 300ml, a medium is 500ml and a large is 650ml.

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She found definite differences between each size. Picture: TikTok.
She found definite differences between each size. Picture: TikTok.
… filling a large cup.
… filling a large cup.