Two males handed $1300 COVID-19 related fines.
Two males handed $1300 COVID-19 related fines.

Two slapped with $1300 COVID fines, one under investigation

TWO young males have been slapped with a $1300 fines for breaching COVID-19 public health directives.

Roma police officer sergeant Chris Keenan said two 18-year-old boys from Roma allegedly entered a licensed venue through a back door, which is currently blocked off to ensure patrons only enter and sign in through the front door.

Police are currently investigating a third offender who police believe also entered with the other two males.

Sgt Keenan said security guards gave the two boys the opportunity to correctly sign in however they refused.

An onlooker saw the two boys yell and swear at security guards.

These are the first two infringement notices handed to patrons in Roma.

“Roma is a big community, it’s hard for the businesses as they have to be on top of it and rely on the community to abide by the directions as well,” Sgt Keenan said.

“As a community we need to stick together and abide by the health directives.”