ONE WHEEL BANDIT: A rider during the Chinchilla Trail Ride.
ONE WHEEL BANDIT: A rider during the Chinchilla Trail Ride. Julia Baker

Two wheelers ride out of town

CHINCHILLA State School's biggest fundraiser of the year drew a plethora of trail ride enthusiasts from across the region on the weekend.

Trail ride coordinator Trish Leddington-Hill hailed the annual event at the Brigalow Recreational Grounds a major win for the school community.

"It was a huge success, it takes about three months to work out the money after you do the bills and stuff, but it will be comparable to previous years.... thousands and thousands of dollars,” Mrs Leddington-Hill said.

It wasn't a record- breaking number of riders who participated in the two-day event, but Mrs Leddington-Hill said numbers were perfect from an organisation perspective.

"We had about 650 riders and had some amazing feedback. They were all very happy with the trail.

"It was a good ride, it's not our biggest but it's a good size. Historically 600 riders makes it very comfortable on the tracks and for catering, so it was a good number.”

The event included a pee-wee track, novice track and open track to cater to riders of all abilities.

Off the track, Mrs Leddington-Hill said the fundraiser wouldn't have been possible without the ongoing support of the wider community.

"The catering was great by Base Camp, everyone loved the Saturday night meal they did.

"The volunteers were incredible and we are very thankful for all of the volunteers that came out.

"The sponsors were amazing, the raffle and helmet draw made some very happy customers.”

The trail ride is crucial to the schools ability to be able to provide extra curricular activities for its students.

It also makes it possible to continually upgrade many of the schools facilities.

"It supports extra things that the basic school funding can't afford to do. So things like the positive behaviour program, the author in residence program, the upgrade of school equipment, school camps and reading resources,” Mrs Leddington-Hill said.

"It just makes it easier to do these things for the school, because they'd struggle to do it just with the base funding.”

Despite the dust only just settling on this year's ride, the P&C committee is turning its attention to the next fundraising project.

"The ride is our major annual fundraiser by far.

" The melonfest canteen is big but this trumps it. We also have a Father's Day raffle coming up and we have a canteen at the schools athletics carnival.

"Planning for the next ride starts now, we already know what we can improve on.”