COP ASSAULT: Ryan Mitchell Tarran pleaded guilty to 13 different charges on October 6 in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court .
COP ASSAULT: Ryan Mitchell Tarran pleaded guilty to 13 different charges on October 6 in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court . Facebook

Unprovoked attack on cop while escorted from court

NATHAN Tam was escorting a prisoner from a court room to the watchhouse when the prisoner suddenly punched him in the face.

The Queensland Police Service senior constable fell to the ground as a result of the punch and he immediately threw up his hands in self defence before the prisoner continued the attack.

After the prisoner managed to lay one or two more punches at the officer, another officer entered the holding area and intervened.

The prisoner wrestled with the two officers who were trying to handcuff him. After a few moments, two more officers entered the holding area and assisted with the situation which went on for many minutes.

This was shown to the Rockhampton Magistrates Court via CCTV footage as Ryan Mitchell Tarran faced sentencing for that incident, along with other charges for other crimes.

Tarran, 28, had been apprehended by police earlier in the morning of August 4 as he was wandering the streets of Gracemere carrying a bag containing a Jimmy bar, chisel and hammer.

He was breaching a bail condition at the time.

Tarran pleaded guilty to 13 different charges yesterday in court including assaulting a police officer and causing them bodily harm, obstructing a police officer, stealing a driver's licence, drug driving, driving while disqualified, entering premises and stealing, along with fraud and possessing a knife in a public place.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kathy Stafford said on March 18 Tarran had an argument with his partner in their home and he snatched a tablet out of her hand and threw it against the wall.

She said the pair were in the bedroom and while the woman was sitting down, Tarran kicked her in the chest.

Sgt Stafford said the couple relocated to the kitchen where Tarran punched the woman in the face and a witness has told him not to punch the woman.

Tarran responded to this by saying he didn't punch her and he has then pushed the woman with his right forearm.

On June 17, Tarran was intercepted by police driving while disqualified on Gavial Rd at Gracemere at 10.15am. At 10.40am, he was intercepted at a static RBT station on McLaughlin St where he gave a saliva sample which returned a positive reading - he had methamphetamines in his system.

On June 25, he entered an unlocked vehicle parked in Norman Gardens and stole tools and a wallet. He left behind a fingerprint which led to police arresting him for the crime and when they arrested him, they located a bank debit card which he had dishonestly used on three occasions to purchase cigarettes, sunglasses, a drink and tobacco paper totalling $206.10.

On June 27, he broke his court ordered curfew.

Magistrate Jeff Clark adjourned the matter until Monday to consider the matter before he hands down the sentences for Tarran's crimes.

Police prosecution have submitted that Tarran should be given a head sentence for his offending of two years' prison.

Defence lawyer Axel Beard submitted the head sentence should be 12-15 months' prison.

Tarran was supported in court by his partner and their two children.