SAFETY DAY: SES volunteers and other services will be present at the Chinchilla Community Safety Day on October 13.
SAFETY DAY: SES volunteers and other services will be present at the Chinchilla Community Safety Day on October 13. Hayden Smith

UPDATE: Community safety day set for Chinchilla

UPDATE: Due to wet weather, this event has been postponed till further notice.

AS BUSHFIRE and storm season encroaches, the need to stop and consider possible safety measures becomes increasingly paramount.

On Saturday, October 13, the Chinchilla Community Centre will hold a community safety day at the Chinchilla Showgrounds from 10am to 3pm.

Alongside a free jumping castle, face painting and a plethora of fun-filled activities for the whole family, the day will bring together the Chinchilla community to promote all aspects of safety. A broad spectrum of issues will be covered, including safety in the home, at work, at school, on the roads and an awareness of domestic violence, mental health, child safety and community access to services.

Chinchilla Community Centre manager Louise Judge said the genesis of the day was reflective of not just what was happening locally, but within the broader Australian community.

"We became aware of so many little things happening in the community where safety and being safe every which way you can was the common theme,” she said.

"Whether it be at home, at work or on the roads, it was just a case of people not knowing what to do or how to do it. Sometimes people don't help because they are worried they don't know what to do or how to prevent something happening.

"But really, if you can prevent something unsafe from happening, that is ideal.”

On Saturday, different services from Chinchilla and beyond will showcase interactively how they support safety.

"There will be everything from the SES doing a hands-on, get ready for storm season demonstration to talks on food safety looking at the best way to stack your fridge,” Ms Judge said. "It will answer questions like what should I have in my first aid kit? How do I prepare for a cyclone or a flood? Do I have enough fresh water? Do I have enough medication?

"Until you have had a bad experience, you won't realise the things which feel like the every day but you have missed because we don't always think about them.

"If the least knowledge you get by attending the day is that there are all these people in my community that know stuff that I might need to know one day then you have learnt something.”

Anyone wishing to promote a safety concern on the day should contact the centre at 46628528 or email