LEADERS: The Chinchilla Combined Churches Youth group leaders.
LEADERS: The Chinchilla Combined Churches Youth group leaders.

VOLUNTEER WEEK: Making a difference in young people’s lives

UNDERSTANDING young people are struggling with some significant issues, the Chinchilla Combined Churches Youth Group leaders have been providing a listening ear.

Co-ordinator of the group Brianna Welsby has been volunteering with youth for 10 years, providing a safe environment for students and somewhere they can have fun and learn about God.

“It has been a really good experience but a challenging one at times,” she said.

“I enjoy seeing people from all different walks of life come together in the one place and enjoy spending time with one another.”

Ms Welsby aims to create relationships with high school students and be someone they can rely on when times get hard, but also have fun with on a Friday night.

“ I really love doing it for the kids and to see the impact it has had on them,” she said.

“Plus it also helps build the Kingdom of God.”

Ms Welsby co-leads the group with Anthony Waller and together they oversee 10 other leaders.

She spends around six hours a week running different meetings, liaising with churches and schools.

During her time in the role, she has two most memorable moments.

“One was a girls’ camp where we got covered in power paint,” she said.

“The second one when a student shared something they were struggling with in their life. We had that deeper conservation and I was able to offer that helping hand which is the purpose of what we do.”