VIDEO footage shows the dramatic moment when heavily armed police stormed a house in Chinchilla during a coordinated operation across multiple properties.

The video uploaded to social media on Monday shows police, at least one armed with an assault rifle, and plain clothes detectives bursting through the gates of a property in Chinchilla before ordering the residents to step back and get inside the home.

One police officer can be seen with an assault rifle as other officers scatter across the property and present a search warrant to a group of people.

People on the property can be heard yelling at police to put their guns away because children were present.

South West District acting inspector Andrew Kennedy said police swooped in on multiple homes after issuing search warrants across the Chinchilla area on Monday July 14.

"Police located evidence and to date have commenced proceedings against six persons with offences relating to recent burglaries, stolen motor vehicles within Chinchilla Police Division and also drug offences," he said.

"Despite the success of these searches investigations are continuing."

Police are using a range of proactive and reactive strategies to detect, disrupt and deter criminal behaviour to keep the Western Downs safe.

"South West District Police acknowledge the outstanding co-operation from members of our community and reiterate the importance of vigilance in securing houses and vehicles."