Kogan State School students created a banner for the National Day of Action.
Kogan State School students created a banner for the National Day of Action. Contributed

Western Downs schools say no to bullying

STUDENTS from across the Western Downs united on Friday, joining more than 2 million students nationwide for the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence.

The participants took part in classroom discussions and activities focused on this year's theme of 'Imagine a world free from bullying'.

Kogan State School principal Kylie Judd said the day was a great way of drawing attention to the serious issue of bullying and allowed students to work on finding solutions.

"The school wholeheartedly endorses the National Day of Action to promote awareness that bullying and violence are never ok,” Ms Judd said.

"Everyone has a right to feel safe at school and outside the school grounds as well.”

Students and teachers wore orange and 'Bullying No Way' wristbands in support of the day.

The students also created a banner and designed cartoon characters with anti-bullying messages.

"We created our own cartoon characters, who are unique in their own way and have their own superpowers to stamp out bullying,” Ms Judd said.

The chair of the education council, Minister Susan Close, said the 2018 event had record numbers of schools and students participating.

"Bullying is a serious issue that can have lifelong impacts,” Ms Close said.

"It is crucial that we all play a role.

"It's important that we connect, collaborate and evolve as a nation to set a positive direction and shape the attitude, behaviours and actions of all young people.”

The National Day of Action is Australia's key anti-bullying event for schools and communities alike.

The event's message, 'Take a Stand Together,' is the core principle of the anti-bullying activities happening in schools across the country.