Wet weather expected for Chinchilla, Miles

THE Bureau of Meteorology has forecast wet weather over Chinchilla and Miles this Sunday.

Forecaster Rosa Hoff said the Western Downs will miss out on the Saturday rain experienced further west, but there will be a good chance of downpour on Sunday.

“On Saturday we’re not expecting Miles to be affected by the rainfall,” she said.

“Roma will be the leading edge of it.”

Ms Hoff said there could be between 5-15mm of rain in Miles on Sunday.

“If there’s a storm around we could see 30-40mm.”

Chinchilla is expected to experience less rainfall over the weekend.

“On Sunday we’re forecasting between 3-10mm and under the right cloud we could see 10-20mm,” Ms Hoff said.

“It depends on the exact timing of the clouds and where they pass over.”