Why Samsung's Gear S2 could knock Apple off its pedestal

SAMSUNG could be the new leader in the battle to have the smartest - and easiest to use - watch for gadget lovers.

The Samsung Gear S2 is not only a strong alternative to the Apple Watch, in some ways it is better.

The round-shaped watch uses a rotating bezel which is a more natural way to navigate apps.

It is also easier to customise the appearance of your watch - and the apps that appear on it - including being able to easily change the order of them.

Reading emails and text also seems easier in our initial testing.

While Apple is already moving to provide better ways to personalise its watch with its latest update, Samsung has done so from the start.

There are more watch faces to download for free, something which is appealing if you want to mix it up.

The Gear S2 is a comfortable watch and will certainly appeal to fitness fans, particularly those looking for some water resistance. Samsung says the device will withstand dust and water up to three metres for 30 minutes.

It has an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor and barometer

To navigate apps, you use a combination of the bezel and home and back buttons.

The watch comes in two distinct options - the Gear S2 - appealing to more on the go fitness fans - and the S2 Classic which offers a more elegant black finish with a matching leather band.

The watch is light (less than 50 grams) and thin (just 11.4 millimetres), while its screen has a 360 by 360 (302 pixels per inch) resolution.

It features the Tizen operating system and a 1-GHz dual core processor, making it powerful enough to handle a myriad of tasks.

Like the Apple Watch, you can use it for calendar, email, news and other notifications.

A 3G version is also on its way which will allow voice capability and other quick functions without having to be connected to your phone.

The watch comes with a number of well-designed fitness functions and even includes a cool looking Nike fitness face, as well as ones for CNN news junkies and Bloomberg stock watchers.

On the fitness front, the 24 hour activity log has one of the better interfaces around, allowing you to quickly view daily activity progress and patterns. It is also sends reminders when you are falling behind in your fitness goals.

The Gear S2 battery life appears to be longer than that offered by the Apple Watch with Samsung claiming it can last up to two to three days. We certainly got more than two days out of our test device.

To charge it, it is simply a case of putting it on a wireless charging dock.

While the range of apps is not huge, Samsung says it is working to openly collaborate with developers and partners to bring increased customisation and applications to its devices - something that Apple is also doing.

Pricing for the Gear S2 is $499 while the Gear S2 classic is $599. Watch bands range from $59-89


Display: 1.2", Circular Super AMOLED, 360x360, 302ppi
Dual core 1.0 GHz processor
OS: Tizen based wearable platform
Audio formats: MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG
Memory: 4GB Internal Memory / RAM: 512MB
Health & Fitness: S Health, Nike+ Running
Information: Schedule, News, Maps & Navigation, Weather
Media: Music Player, Gallery
Others: Voice, Voice Memo, Find My Device, Power Saving Mode, Safety assistance, Privacy lock
IP68 Certified Dust and Water Resistant
Connectivity:  Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n; Bluetooth® 4.1; NFC; Sensor