Floyd Mayweather announces fight against YouTube sensation Logan Paul
Floyd Mayweather announces fight against YouTube sensation Logan Paul

World reacts to crazy Mayweather comeback

Floyd Mayweather is getting back in the ring, announcing an "super exhibition" fight against YouTube sensation Logan Paul scheduled to take place early next year.

The undefeated boxing icon posted a promotional video for the February 20 showdown on his Instagram account on Monday.

Paul also tweeted out a link to the event, writing: "It's official."



Mayweather, who boasts a 50-0 professional record, has "retired" several times but they don't call him "Money" for nothing, as he looks to be chasing another payday with an easy scalp.

The American fought Andre Berto in 2015 after his superfight against Manny Pacquiao that same year, which looked like it would draw the curtain on Mayweather's career.

But he famously fought UFC star Conor McGregor in 2017 and took part in a bizarre clash against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year's Eve in 2018, knocking him down three times en route to a first round stoppage in their exhibition bout.

Paul has amassed more than 20 million YouTube subscribers and rose to fame by uploading his own comedy sketches and video blogs. He has twice fought fellow YouTuber KSI, the first bout ending in a majority draw before KSI won the rematch in November last year by split decision.





Understandably, there was plenty of reaction to the blockbuster announcement.

Having seen the pay-per-view interest in Mike Tyson's recent fight against Roy Jones Jr, Mayweather may have been tempted into returning to line his pockets.

American sportscaster Skip Bayless said on Twitter: "Now he's just Easy Money Mayweather."

Many also claimed Paul - a man with one professional fight to his name - was out of his mind to agree to a bout against boxing royalty, suggesting he'll be lucky to get out of the ring alive.

Matt Moreno tweeted: "Ninety-eight per cent of boxing is being a damn good promoter. Paul stands no chance against Mayweather. Neither did McGregor. But will this sell like hot cakes on PPV? Absolutely."

Combat sports reporter Andreas Hale wrote: "Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul feels like a hate crime."

Luca Fury added: "Remember what Floyd Mayweather did to one of the most talented current kickboxers (Tenshin Nasukawa) in an exhibition boxing match last year? Yeah, he's going to do that to Logan Paul, except even more brutal."

Boxing presenter Michelle Joy Phelps tweeted: "Am I mad at it? Nah. I get it. It's all about that money. But I do get concerned with safety. Floyd is no joke and you don't play boxing. So I hope Floyd keeps it hella light as my only concern is for Logan Paul's safety."

US sportscaster Joy Taylor said: "I'm just ... so confused. Is this Mayweather vs Paul news real? I mean we had fun last weekend but let's not go crazy right? I mean I'm gonna watch but this should probably not be legal right?"



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