Young mother fined for carrying on 'like a pork chop'

A YOUNG mother has been fined $800 after carrying on like "a pork chop".

Kelly Irihapiti Mea Biddle, 27, pleaded guilty in Chinchilla Magistrates Court last week to committing a public nuisance.  

Police prosecutor Jodie Tahana said police received a call at 11.55pm on November 12 from a man on Edward St, Dalby.

The man had called to complain about a group of people drinking and playing loud music despite him asking them to turn it down.

Snr Const Tahana said the group - including Biddle - began to verbally abuse him instead.

The court heard police arrived about 1am and arrested Biddle's partner after he continued to be verbally abusive.

Snr Const Tahana said after the arrest Biddle continued to verbally abuse police.

Duty lawyer Rebecca Peters said Biddle has two young children currently in care, while Biddle herself is on a disability pension and has health concerns.

She said Biddle was drunk at the time and "she is remorseful for her behaviour".

Magistrate Robbie Davies said she wasn't convinced.

"You're smiling a bit about it," he said.

Though Biddle said she wasn't smiling, Magistrate Davies said she had carried on like a 'pork chop'.

"Someone legitimately requests you to turn the music down, just do it, don't carry on like this."

She was fined $800 and a conviction was recorded.