Australian Flag.
Australian Flag. John Gass

YOUR SAY: Did we celebrate our country on Australia Day?

AUSTRALIA is a " lucky country" and we had the opportunity to celebrate on Australian of thy day, but what did we see?   We saw a rather strange group wondering why they had been selected!  

They did not represent the happy neighbouring Aussies that surround me here in Toowoomba but more likely a group with unknown future loyalties.  

I hope I am wrong and it appears that I could be.

I have lived in Toowoomba over 70 years and raised a happy family here and we do not feel alone, so we are wondering where to go if strangers take over!

The Chronicle has apparently not had any more complaints about becoming a Republic and what such an enormously expensive handover will involve, so it could happen!   

Our recent Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, for some unknown reason is letting our ABC recommend a change, without saying what is so rotten about the Australia we do know and so good about, some republic we do not!   

P.S. I remember a Peace-loving pre-war Britain when Neville Chamberlain was the sort of PM that needed Winston Churchill's help and a royal air-force to save Britain from defeat.  

Ken Wilkinson, Toowoomba